Tasty Dining: NYC

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Welcome to NY,

It's been waiting for you...


In this Tasty Dining guide, you'll find short reviews and recommendations of the restaurants I dined at in New York City.

Have recommendations for me? Let me know!

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Old Rose

Vodka & Burrata Pizza

I found this place the same way I find most of the restaurants I visit, through Instagram. The dish that caught my eye was this perfect pizza, made with a chewy crust, vodka sauce and burrata cheese. I had to give this place a try solely for the pizza.

The interior is clean and cozy, with a white marble aesthetic that somehow creates a comfortable and casual environment. The menu is small but features all that one who craves Italian food need. Aside from pizzas, Old Rose also makes handmade pasta. Not pictured is the Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe and the Papardelle with Short Rib ragu sauce.

A delightful dinner to start our trip to NYC, I can't wait to re-visit for brunch or lunch the next time!

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5 Napkin Burger

When I don't crave Italian food (it happens sometimes I swear), I'll usually opt for an American classic: a hamburger. While Shake Shack and Five Guys are other NYC favourites, I wanted to find something wasn't so fast food. While 5 Napkin Burger is a chain restaurant, it's definitely not fast food.

Pictured here on the left is the Bacon & Cheddar burger, with a side of fries. Biting into it just hit the right spot. This places serves as a great casual spot, where you don't have to rush that also offers plenty of other options - such as chicken and waffles and salads. But of course, the burgers are highly recommended.

Warning: They are massive and slightly messy so you may indeed need 5 napkins by your side ;)


Casa Lever

I found this place on accident and what a happy accident that was! We originally had plans to go to another Italian restaurant closer to the Meat Packing District but it ended up being too far from the theatre. In a last minute haste, I went through Open Table and rushed to find something just as good near our hotel. As I was scrolling, I found Casa Lever.

Pictured here on the right is a dish I never had before: Tortellini with butternut squash with a butter, balsamic and amaretto sauce. I liked it so much, I may have to make this dish at home. It may not be as good but it will come close, or at least I hope it will!

The interior didn't feel like a typical Italian restaurant, it was modern and filled with celebrity Pop Art. Maybe Andy Warhol would have liked this place too...who knows?

Melissa Ariganello