Tasty Dining - Brunch Edition | Vancouver

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But First, Brunch

I've been on a mission ever since I moved back to Vancouver... a simple and fun mission: to find the very best brunch spots. Thankfully, Vancouver is always popping up with new restaurants, so expect this guide to be updated every few weeks.

In this Tasty Dining guide, you'll find short reviews and recommendations of the brunch menus that I've tried in the city.

Think of this list as your ultimate brunching guide.

Have recommendations for me? Let me know! I'm always up for brunch.



Poached eggs + Toast

2 organic free run poached eggs, Nelson The Seagull toast, East van jam + side greens

Tomato Avocado Benedict

Avocado, roasted tomatoes, feta, organic free run poached egg, hollandaise on a biscuit or waffle + side salad

This brewery, located in Mt. Pleasant, may not come first to mind when thinking of brunch. But if you're looking to pair some classic egg dishes with some good old beer, this is the place to go. The location is quaint and screams hipster, so arrive early and grab a table as soon as you can. The beer and breakfast combo fits nicely with the scene around the neighbourhood, so if you're looking for a casual hang out with friends, 33 Acres comes highly recommended for it.

Plus look how good the Egg and Avocado Benedict look? Amazing!


Breakfast Risotto

smoked bacon, peas, scallions, poached egg, parmesan

Semolina Waffle

hazelnuts, crispy fried vanilla bean ice cream

La Pentola is one of my favourite spots in Yaletown, not only because they serve Italian but they also have an instagrammable wall that I can't help but love. Their brunch menu is also so darn good as many dishes contain the delicious duo of carbs and eggs. You can order a classic plate of pasta and ask for a poached egg to be added to it. Just add an egg and call it brunch!

If you prefer classic breakfast dishes, La Pentola has that too. A favourite among many is their Shortrib Benedict and their Opus Breakfast. My go-to is the Breakfast Risotto pictured on the left, a savoury dish that will fill you up all day.

The ambience at La Pentola is very relaxing and makes it the perfect space for group brunch with friends or family.

$5 dollar mimosas are also involved, so how can you resist?


Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 7.42.18 AM.png

Bon Matin

Prosciutto, tomato, avocado, olive tapenade, brie, soft boiled egg, sourdough

Waffle with rosewater pistachio sauce

Chambar, located near Gastown, is a comfortable space offering unique brunch eats. It has a Mediterranean inspired menu, offering a nice twist to the classic brunch options. If you want a hearty breakfast, I recommend trying the the Fricassée or the popular Brochette de Porc. For a lighter but still delicious option, the Bon Matin feeds the needs of every millennial. The dish features an avocado and an egg, and let's face it, that's pretty much all you really need.

You also must consider trying a waffle to end your brunch on a sweet note. You can't fully experience the dining experience of Chambar without enjoying the waffles, which come with variety of toppings. I choose rosewater pistachio for a different taste but the salted caramel and milk chocolate lavender are also fan favourites. 

How can you resist this deconstructed avocado toast?


La Foret

The Brunch Platter

2 eggs, bacon, waffles, potatoes and salad

The Bulgogi Platter

2 eggs, bulgogi, toast, potatoes and salad


Located in Burnaby, La Foret is an Instagram dream for many. This factory looking building is spacious and filled with baked goods and delicious brunch options. The moment you walk in, you're greeted by foliage, twinkling lights and a dessert display you can't ignore. The menu has many options, from classic brunch items to comforting lunch dishes, such as soup and sandwiches. 

The café did a wonderful job of making the ambience cozy and minimal, the perfect setting for an Insta photo. The environment is so lovely that I bet everyone has seen a blogger or two posing in front the space's greenery or standing up to take photos of their brunch (guilty!)

Waffles and eggs? How could I say no!

Melissa Ariganello