Tasty Dining: South Florida

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Welcome to Miami

I recently came back from a short trip in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami. While I was there, I had to make sure I visited my favorite restaurants. From italian, to steakhouses, my appetite was surely satisfied...and now I'm paying the price. Let's just say multiple trips to the gym are in order!

If you're planning a trip to South Florida, make sure to dine out at these fabulous restaurants:

Casa D'angelo

This is one of my favorite italian restaurants in Florida. They have two locations, one in Ft. lauderdale and one in Boca Raton. They also have a location in the Bahamas but it's a tad different. The decor is stunning and the patio is a dream, with glittering lights shining nearby. Once you sit down, they immediately bring complimentary cheese, olives, pizza bread and bruschetta to the table. Now you can see why this is a winner. They have a wide variety of dishes on the menu and are open to make you any pasta dish you crave!

Tasty Food Recommendation: Penne Vodka or if you want to really splurge - White Truffle Fettuccine

Texas de Brazil

This is a chain restaurant located in many states across America but I've only dined here in Florida. Whenever I'm craving a good hefty meal, I go here. It's a Brazillian restaurant that presents their food gaucho style. If you've never been to a Brazillian restaurant, this is how it works: you first start at the salad bar, then once you are ready for the meats to come your way, you turn this paper coin to the green side, and the "gauchos" bring on the meat! Once you're all full, or need a break, turn the paper coin to the red side. It's always a fun experience eating here!
Tasty Food Recommendation: Everything obviously! You're paying for all of it, you might as well try it all.


For the seafood lover, I recommend Trulucks. They have plenty to offer if you're looking to enjoy seafood. And if you're not into fish - they thankfully also have meat! Most nights they have live music that can be heard anywhere you sit, whether it's inside or outside on the patio.
Tasty Food Recommendation: Their walnut bread and Warm Goat Cheese.


Now it's time for some pizza! One of the best places to get pizza in South Florida is Piola. They have multiple locations and make for a great lunch spot. They have a wide variety of pizzas to choose from with many different ingredients. They also have salads, pastas and sandwiches, if you're craving something different. Throughout the week they also have fun events, like ladies night and gnocchi night!
Tasty Food Recommendation: Gnocchi Legnano or Parma Pizza. Nutella Pizza for dessert


Another casual lunch spot is BurgerFi! This place is new to me but quickly went on my favorites list. They have burgers, hot dogs and frozen custard. Now this isn't your average fast food chain. The burgers are made with real ingredients, nothing processed. You can customize your burger to your liking, and believe me, anyway you try it, you'll love it!
Tasty Food Recommendation: Cheeseburger and Parmesan Fries

Melissa Ariganello