Peace Out 2016 - 2017 Vision Board

For many, a new year is a time to reflect and re-new goals for the year ahead. 2016 was a strange year. When I think of all of things I have done this year, it would seem I had a great year... I had an internship at a Hollywood T.V. Studio, I graduated with a masters, I lived in L.A., I traveled to Italy, and I launched my career. But it was the way I felt throughout the year that made it slightly difficult. While I had great opportunities, I was also incredibly anxious and, just plain sad, for most of the year. The first 6 months were spent wondering where I on earth I would live and find work. The realization of not being able to stay in L.A. after graduation came soon after. I had finally found a city that I enjoyed, a place to call home, and yet I couldn't stay because I was Canadian.

I remember starting 2016 with full of hope, thinking my internship would pave the way for me for years to come. The opposite happened. The internship didn't turn out the way I had hoped. I had to uproot my life again and move home, back to Canada. I tried to make it work, I applied to countless of jobs, networked with other Canadian expats, volunteered etc...but nothing seemed to stick. I couldn't get an opportunity that would have me stay in L.A. - it seemed like it just wasn't meant to be. It wasn't part of my journey to stay.

I did my best to see this challenge as an opportunity. With that, I moved home and launched my career in social media marketing. I work with a company that is going through a transformational journey, and it has been interesting and exciting. I also work with a fabulous team that has made the move back home slightly easier. I'm still adjusting, 6 months later. It's been a weird year that can best described as an emotional roller-coaster.

I realize a new year, doesn't mean things are going to change, unless I do. But this time of year does offer reflection, which will re-energize me for the year ahead. So goodbye 2016. You were weird.

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